Thursday, October 15, 2009

Parched Pucker

With the dry air and harsh winds comes the parched pucker. And I must say, it's the worst!
Indulge in this tiny, but generous product-- Softlips.

A premium conditioning balm with SPF, shimmery tints, and flavorful varieties.

I bought the two-pack for $2.99 that included the standard vanilla balm, as well as the pink shimmer tint. Well, let me tell you what...the shimmery tints make you look like you're a 14 year old, pre-pubescent, angsty pre-teen. Not a good look.

Some may dislike the tiny, skinny stick, feeling like it doesn't give a full range to your lips. To each his own. I lather this stuff on before bed and I'm addicted, to say the least.

Try it out for yourself! Available pretty much everywhere...

Ta-ta. XO,

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