Friday, June 19, 2009

Women are from Venus

Loyal followers,

My apologies for the brief hiatus. The lack of internet connection at home proves to be a hindrance on my blogging abilities. So here we are, catch up time.

Finding the perfect razor is often a difficulty and frustration for many women. My best friend of 18 years has a continuous problem regarding the razor search; more than anything, she actually has an allergy. Yes, a nickel allergy. How is this relevant you may ask? Well, most razors that we shavers, the normal, general people, use are made with nickel. This will cause redness, burning and irritated bumps, harsh razor burn. My friend then decided to switch to the men's electric razor. Needless to say, the search for her is still on.

Until...she sneakily tried my Venus Spa Breeze, $6.99. This razor comes in a disposable pack of two (for those on a penny pinch) and has a razor head lined with gel bars, to ease the shaving fears. And guess what- no burning, itchy bumps or rash!

Now don't be a nay-sayer. I, too, once boo-hissed all disposable razors. With sensitive skin like mine, most disposable, plastic, crappy razors would basically shred my skin and leave me with one scary pair of red, bumpy legs. This was until I was super broke as I cruised the razor aisle at Target, desperate for new blades. A pack of 4 Venus razors is practically $10. I'm sorry, no. So, I ventured out and tried the disposable pack of 2. And my, are they bomb-diggity!

For an even better, smooth protected feel-- lather up your legs with shaving cream. This, combined with the lubricated razor, will give you an undoubtedly silky and bump-free shave.

So, is my best friend a convert? Maybe...probably. But she still may be a friendly user of the man's electric razor. And to that, I have no answer.

But for those looking for a new beauty 'adventure', try this. It may save you the bucks while giving you touchably, baby-bottom soft legs.


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