Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Skin

After a full day in the sun as I step out of the shower, buffed and ready for dinner, I remember why I love summer so much when it comes to beauty; simple skin!

Generally, the summer months give all of us a sunny glow, totally kissable and approachable skin. So for this, very little makeup is needed on a day to day basis. Breakouts are less, skin is more even-toned and thus, we are more comfortable going naked...on our face that is.

Here in lies the best summer beauty regimen; wear an oil-free, tinted moisturizer spf 15 or more. Use a sponge so it goes on light and evenly, moving the strokes outward, so the tinted lotion isn't heavy in the middle of the face. Neutrogena makes great tinted moisturizers that won't clog your pores.

If you have heavy, dark circles under the eye, do dab a few dots to cover the problem area. For pimples, use a light powder close to your summer skin tone and dot onto the pimple after the tinted lotion is blendid. *Note to readers: go a shade darker than your winter skin shade-- you don't want to look ghostly and drab with too light of makeup during the summer.

Now, you can never use too much spf. After reading more and more articles on skin cancer in magazines, it is becoming even more important at an early age. I can't stress enough-- wear spf daily! My mother insisted I start wearing spf in my lotion and makeup at the age of 15 and I haven't stopped. My freckles may be lighter, but I know I'm saving my skin.

Next, load up the bronzer! The most essential summer product for your skin. Obviously, don't go overboard. Be sure to use a large powder brush. The key is to add bronzer to all areas of the face: nose, forehead, cheeks, up around the eyes/hairline and a tad on the chin. Be sure you are blending into the neck. Too dark or heavy? Use one sheet of toilet paper to lightly drag and remove the excess off your face. But this will give you the best summer glow without a lot of prep.

To finish the look, swoop on multiple coats of mascara and you are ready to go. This whole process shouldn't take you more than 5-7 minutes. Tops. Going out at night? Add eyeliner or gold shadow in the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop.

Enjoy and remember: keep it simple! No one wants to look like a tranny in these hot summer days.

Off to eat some guacamole and sip the vodka...

Peace & love,

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