Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cheap Fave: Makes Me Wanna Holla

That dewey summer glow we all want, especially during the dry, dull winter months? I've got the fix. And it works wonders all year long; summer, winter, spring or fall. Use it year round, please.

Not only is it cheap, the size lasts for a very long time. I'm still using mine since December! This product makes me wanna holla!

As part of my affordable finds, I give to you:

Wet n' Wild's MegaGlo Face Illuminator, $2.99

For my fair to beige skin tone, I stick with the light pink illuminator. The above color would be for beige to olive tones.

In 3 or 4 different shades, the creamy formula blends easily and gives you a hint of color and glow. Use on your eyes, lips or cheeks. I focus on my cheek bones, above the apple of my cheek and up around my eyes, contouring your bone. It's fantastic! If you are traveling or need one essential item in your bag for the summer, bring this!

*There is just one little reminder and beauty fix fact you should be aware of: watch out for MINERAL OIL or any suspicious oils in makeup and lotion. These will cause breakouts, no doubt. Therefore, especially with Wet n' Wild products, I make sure to check there is no mineral oil.

And I'm out. Peace and love,

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