Monday, June 8, 2009

Tool Belt

Dearest followers and beauty blogger fanatics,

In order to make this beauty blog worth your while, you must have the toooools. Just like any carpenter, architect, or artist, your tools will help create and build your masterpiece (your face). Now hold on, I'm not doubting your inner and natural beauty, but hey, these tricks of the trade will only bring out that natural glow of yours. Don't be timid.

Not all of us can afford the gorgeous and ever-lasting MAC beauty brushes, or even Trish McAvoy, but there is an an inexpensive and fabulous line that will do just the job!

If you are in a budget bind and need a basic starter set, EcoTools is your best choice. Called "Earth-Friendly Beauty," EcoTools has a fantastic line of products; brush sets, bath accessories, and grooming kits (my next "Die to Try"). On top of this aray of products to choose from, the brush material is the softest I've felt. Better than Bare Minerals and almost just as good, or should I dare say, better (gasp!) than MAC. Serisouly, it feels like butter on your face. Smoother than a baby's bottom....I kid you not.

So it's no secret that the brand is ecofriendly and sustainable...duh! The tools are from natural and recycled materials, most with handy-dandy tool kit bags made of hemp and organic cotton. Another friendly fact: all products are cruelty free and made from highly sustainable bamboo plants. The best bonus of all, knowing you are purchasing products for a cause; EcoTools joined 1% for the Planet and will donate 1% of thier annual sales to environmental organizations. Your beauty is literally helping save God's green earth. Now if that isn't a reason to buy this line, then I don't know what is. So hop on the green bandwagon!

Here forth, my faves:

Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set, usually on sale at where else but, Walgreens for $10-$11 measly bills.

The best kit for all your needs-- Powder brush, Eye shadow brush, Eyeliner brush (angled, perfect!), Lash and Brow groomer and Concealer brush.

Bamboo Foundation Brush, $5.99

Bamboo Blush Brush, $6.99

A bit smaller than the Powder brush and perfect for contouring your cheekbones.

And so I beg of you, check out the above website and browse. Remember, Walgreens generally has the best deals.

Bee green, bee earth friendly, bee beautiful. Buy EcoTools.

With love,

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