Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lengthy Lashes Quick Tip

Whilst a thunderstorm above shook Sacramento's core last night, I found myself nervously and anxiously pulling at my eyelashes. Not a good practice to follow, seeing that I already have minimal lashes to work with. Hence, my quick tip of the day.

Who likes short, stubby lashes? No one. Who wants to avoid the tarantula look? Everyone. However, we all have many different lengths to work with, but with this tip you can make your lashes full and long without surgery or prescription mascara (yes, they actually make that. Anyone seen Brooke Shield's commercial?). Ridiculous.

First, purchase an eyelash curler. Before you say no and think, 'those things are scary looking', if done right, they can create a beautiful, extended lash. Don't pay more than $5 on a curler, it is just unnecessary.

Second, take your hair dryer and on a warm setting, about 5 inches away, warm the padding on the eye curler. Leave for 15-30 seconds. *Be careful, the metal may be a tad hot, so take a second before bringing to your eyelid.

Third, curl and hold for 5-8 seconds. Be careful not to pinch your lid.

Last, add multiple coats of mascara. For the cheap, I LOVE Maybelline's Full and Soft in Very Black, only about $7. If clumpy, take an eyelash brush and pull through in order to separate each eyelash. Finger tips work also.

For special occasions or a big night out, add a few fake eyelashes that come in 3 piece sets (can be purchased at good ol' walgreens). Add these to the end of your eyelashes BEFORE adding mascara. Give at least 5 seconds for the glue to set. Fake eyelashes are a perfect glam look without hurting or harming your real lashes. Just be slow and deliberate as you pull them off at the end of the night.

Bon Chance! Toodles,

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