Monday, June 15, 2009

Freckle Fanatic

An underestimated beauty feature: the freckle. I love freckles and find pure childhood joy in seeing anyone with freckles spotted all over their face and body. The freckle represents all that is natural in the world-- a colored spot that gives someone the perfect amount of character and childish charm. My sister, a friend, my roommate, my mother. Even myself as a child: a summer in the sun and my face was covered in freckles. Even the dreaded...freckle mustache.

After years of sunscreen in my face lotion, my freckles are definitely minimal. However, the summer glow (or a good burn, yikes!) still manage to bring out a few on my cheeks and forehead. Often times I find myself envious of those who still produce gourds of freckles (*cough, Kirstie). It is real nostalgia!

I came back from 10 days in Mazatlan Mexico last year (with 9 of the best women alive) and didn't think much of my sun time. However, when a friend picked me up from the airport, he shouted, "Whoa, look at all your freckles!" He was amazed. Literally. I was laughing because, who is really so surprised and astounded by a few freckles? (Maybe it was the freckle 'stache that got him?)

And so it is my ode to freckles, the very beloved charm of anyone's beauty. Below are some of my suggestions and beauty favorites for the freckle face babe!

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Moisture Lotion Spf 15, $11.79

The must-have, must-use beauty product for year round; to protect those God-given freckles from the harsh summer sun.

Burt's Bees Super Shiny Natural Lip Gloss, $7.00

A super hydrating natural gloss in colorful hues; choose a color like Pucker Berry or Zesty Red for more sass and drama, in a good way ;), to bring out the freckles!

bareMinerals Glimmer, $13

A translucent and soft shade for your eyes; choose a gold, or light sun yellow so as not to draw away from the beautiful freckles. Keep it simple and toned down. Try shades like, Ecstasy, Queen Phyllis, Sunshine or True Gold.

Keep on keepin' on. Kudos to the freckle face beauties and all other faces out there!

Bee loved,

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