Friday, June 5, 2009

Color, Color and More Color!

If you know me well, I love color. Bright clothes, bright jewelry, bright eyes. Sometimes I will even venture out and do a red or pink lipstick or gloss. Most nights out, I'm wearing some version of blue, purple or green on my eyes.

My love of color has clearly come from one person alone: my mother. I can't give her enough credit. I'm sure you've noticed I reference my mother a lot, but the woman has classic style; both in her beauty, fashion and home. But along with her chic digs, she is funky and takes risks. This is where it all began for me...having to buck up and take her advice, sometimes unwillingly. However, this is how my love for beauty and color blossomed and became my own. She now takes advice from me!

Working at a high school with teenagers will also give you some perspective on color; they all wear neon yellow, green, hot pink, satsuma orange, aqua blue. It is awesome. The more I wear bright colors, the more I hear: "You on fire!" or "That outfit is cute!" People, color is a good thing! It will only make you feel happy.

Obviously, I am not suggesting wearing bright colors on your eyes to work. Yikes, no way. Keep to browns and golds with brown eyeliner on the top only for work. However, there is nothing harmful in branching out, taking a risk and experiencing with color on your eyes...and even lips. But let's start with eyes.

I am obsessed with the current Gucci eyewear ad: just look at that matte neon purple shadow, all over the lid and lining the bottom. Now, this is definitely out there. But worn with a simple outfit with nude lipgloss/lipstick and light blush, it is HOT.

I also love the look of this vintage ad, I believe for the New York Magazine. It is a little retro, but you get the idea of green, blue and light purple. The trick is to keep it fresh. Avoid yellows, unless you have very dark, olive skin.

If you are too afraid to do bold, purchase a light sea blue or sea green and line your bottom and top lips, especially into the corners. Bare Minerals has amazing colors for this, where you can make it as light or as dark as you wish.

For those who are bolder, buy a shimmery or matte deep purple, blue or green and go over the entire lid, lining the top and bottom of your lids. Who best for this? MAC, hands down!

Basically, I love color and you should too. Blue eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, brown eyes; they all can do it! Especially in the summer. The two best shops to check out color eye shadows: Blush Beauty Bar on NW 23rd and Glisan (I highly suggest Bare Minerals) in Portland, OR or any MAC stores. Be sure to talk to a counter rep or assistant if you are nervous or have more questions. But don't let them sway you otherwise. Stick to color.

Your goal I give to you: purchase one bright colored eye shadow this summer. MAC's eye shadows are about $13 but WELL WORTH THE SPLURGE. My favorite, definitely. Don't Bee Afraid of color. Picasso, Andy Warhol, Monet: Geniuses with color. Be an artist with your look.

*Stay tuned for my next post on a "How To" for work eyes and evening eyes for those who need help in application.


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