Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What'cha Gonna Do for Me, Wen?

One of my many loyal followers asked me today, "Have you tried the Wen hair products?" This is a question coming from my dearest and most hilarious auntie, who is also my godmother, whoop whoop! Anyway, back to my point...

She asked about Wen and I thought, what the hell is Wen? I've never heard of it. Maybe it is my little beauty bubble that I live in, but I generally think of myself as someone who has a wide knowledge of beauty products out there.

Well, first reason I hadn't heard of it: I don't watch QVC. Thank you.

Secondly, the creator's name is Chaz Dean. I'm sorry, Chaz is it? Can't be real. I think it's fake, like most British accents I hear (true, ask my friends, I never believe it). But it seems as though this is his real, God-given name. Oh, and just watch the little video they have of him pushing his line. Yikes!

Now, I do wonder about this line of hair products, Wen. The website writes that Wen is different because it doesn't strip your hair of its natural and essential oils. It doesn't lather or use any sulfates or detergents. Skip the shampoo, it's more of a conditioner. I've heard through the beauty grapevine that sulfates aren't the best for your hair, but there are many other shampoos out there that are sulfate free, but also less cheesy.

Also, what does Wen stand for? Oh, I see, it's "New" backwards-- "a new way of looking at how to cleanse your hair." Thank you, Chaz.

Pleeeease. I say it's all a marketing ploy. If you have some extra dollar bills, please, try for yourself and prove me wrong. *be sure to use for a month-- you generally won't see a difference in a shorter time period.

But, do your research and find a cheaper and more accessible non-sulfate 'shampoo' out there. All serums, conditioners and shampoos are practically the same. Don't be duped! John Frieda is my personal cheap favorite.

God speed and good luck! Toodles,

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