Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Buys That Won't Chap Your Behind

For an hour last night, lying in bed, I restfully browsed the newest Lucky Magazine with sweet Becky Newton as the cover girl to find my next beauty conquests. The issue said, "everything under $100, and we mean everything!" so I was intrigued, seeing that I tend to look for the frugal beauty finds, while keeping splurging to a minimum.

And there they were; 3 cheap finds that caught my eye immediately. From lip care, to hair care, to brittle nails everywhere, these are the next products I plan on purchasing A.S.A.P! And seriously, I promise you, they will not break the bank. Not even close.

Therefore, welcome to: Buys That Won't Chap Your Behind!

As a blond addict, I tend and I know, that my hair is pretty damaged. Especially on the ends. I do not jest; the amount of bleach and hair color that has gone onto my head in the past (gasp!) 11 years, only proves that this baby needs some pampering!

Funny enough, one of my lovely co-workers was proclaiming last night that she does not condition nor comb her hair. I was shocked! Don't tell me these things over happy hour, I may spit my drink at you! But seriously, I just couldn't imagine, seeing that my hair sometimes looks like Tarzan was swinging up in my locks, making dreads and all forms of hideous knots to comb out. Thank you, years of product build-up and damage.

And so here we are; between those who do not need to comb or condition, to those who hair's livelihood depends on a comb and conditioner. This is when I came across (drums please)...

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave in Conditioner Cream, $4

Slated as a light-weight but sleek and deep conditioner that won't leave a heavy residue. Perfect for those with color damage, chlorine build-up or frizz from humidity.

Next, I found myself amid the lip dealios. For $3, you can purchase EOS lip balm that is shaped like a bizarre little sphere, which is organic and all natural. Shea butter, vitamin E and super long-lasting. Comes in 3 flavors: honeysuckle honeydew, summer fruit and sweet mint. Yes, please! Found at select Walgreens, Target and Safeway.

To terminate snags and help shape those lovely summer nails of yours, ditch the old sandpaper files (yuck!) and instead, welcome the Sephora Crystal Glass Nail file, $8. This puppy is worth those 8 buckaroos. The glass does not shred or break soft, frail nails and gives a smooth and fine shape. I always use my mothers when I am home and have been meaning to purchase my own. So, as Nike would say, Just Do It! *Note: be sure not to drop this file on any hard surface for it will break. It's glass, obviously.
Enjoy your summer frugal finds!
Peace, Love & Cheerios,


  1. i LOVE my glass nail file. best thing evahr!

  2. I need to get that lip gloss. The shape seems fun to put my lips on!